Care Provider Expands Genetic Testing to More Home Health Patients

Dublin, Ohio-based ViaQuest, Inc., which earlier this year became the first hospice provider in Ohio to offer its clients a pain management program based on genetic testing, has announced the expansion of the program to include patients with ongoing pain management and behavioral health needs. 

Individuals in the ViaQuest Hospice or Home Health programs in Ohio will now be able to receive a genetic test, which will help physicians determine which medications should be administered in the correct dosages and time frames to best meet the patients’ needs. 

This individually tailored medicine program, known as pharmacogenetics, uses genetic profiles, combined with data such as physical and environmental characteristics, to more accurately prescribe medication. 


“Genetic makeup accounts for 20 to 95 percent of the variability of a drug’s effect,” said Kathy Richard, chief clinical officer of ViaQuest, in a written release. “With a simple mouth swab, the metabolism and ability to process specific medications are assessed to determine the efficacy of a medication for an individual. Currently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends genetic testing on 122 prescribed medications.”

ViaQuest will collect data over the next three years to measure the effectiveness of its program, hoping for improved clinical outcomes, increased medication compliance, lower hospitalization and readmission rates and a cost savings related to decreased adverse drug reactions and ineffective drug therapy. 

Written by Emily Study


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