Health IT Co. Raising $1.75M for Physician In-Home Care Tool

A new service that loosely resembles personal transportation giant Uber is taking aim at the home health care market.

Raleigh, North Carolina-based health IT company Paired Health, Inc. was selected for a pilot project with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to develop a care transition model as part of an effort to reduce readmission rates, Paired Health says in a news release.

As part of the LinkSuite platform, a risk-based analytics tool is integrated into the hospital discharge process and identifies patients based on their risk type, Paired Health says on its website. The program selects a best-practice care plan based on the patients clinical and psychosocial profile.


The platform also allows the company to send out mobile teams of hospital nurse practitioners or physician assistants with Paired Health navigators. Paired Health mobile units — cars that serve as satellite, Wi-Fi enabled medical offices — accompany each team.

“With deployment of this innovation, a team that includes a physician and a case worker in conjunction with community service organizations, our goal is to improve patient-centered care, while reducing readmissions and the cost of that care,” says Thomas E. Sibert, M.D., interim chair of psychiatry and special advisor to the CEO at Wake Forest Baptist Health, in the release.

The company is raising $1.75 million for the program, according to a form D filing with the SEC, MedCity News reports.


The project model is likened to FedEx, Open Table and Amazon, MedCity News says.

The cloud-based logistics tool lets patients request home care and helps schedule home visits.

“The program is evaluating new ways to prevent hospital readmissions and emergency department visits, to reduce length of stay and improve patient satisfaction,” Paired Health says.

Paired Health’s technologies will help Wake Forest Baptist providers with personalized patient care plans, engaging patients in their homes and route providers across the region as efficiently as possible, Paired Health says.

Written by Cassandra Dowell

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