New Online Tool Aims to be Go-To Hospice Guide

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is making it easier for families to search for hospice providers through a new resource tool. 

The free worksheet “Choosing a Quality Hospice,” available on NHPCO’s Moments of Life website, gives patients and families answers to questions they should consider when choosing a hospice. 

For example, one of the questions asks, “Does the hospice own or operate a care facility to provide home-like care in a hospice residence, hospital or nursing home?” The answer: “This may be important to you if the care needed is complex and/or family caregivers cannot care for the person at home.” 


The worksheet also explains that, should a crisis arise, some hospices offer limited in-home support on nights and weekends, while others are able to send staff out to a patient’s home regardless of the time or day the crisis arises. 

Along with the worksheet, NHPCO offers other guidance to help people choose a hospice provider. The organization suggests reaching out to a patient’s physician or health care provider for recommendations and calling hospice providers in the patient’s community to find the one best equipped to meet their needs. 

To search NHPCO’s interactive map of hospice locations, click here.  


Written by Emily Study

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