Researchers Call for Emergency Plans for Home Care Nutrition Patients

Given the unpredictability of natural disasters and weather-reated emergencies, researchers are stressing the need to implement emergency preparedness plans for home care patients receiving nutrition services.

In a paper published by The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, researchers from Coram Specialty Infusion Services emphasize that individuals with chronic health conditions and other special needs are vulnerable in the wake of emergencies, especially when basic services such as water, electricity, gas and telephone communication may not be available.

“Creating a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan is imperative for both the home parenteral and enteral consumer and home care provider to ensure that special needs are met,” write study authors Laura Trento, MS, RD, and Sarah Allen, MS, RD.


Home care providers can assist in disaster and emergency planning in several ways, the study assures, including developing a basic emergency kit that includes various contact information for family, friends, physicians and home care providers.

Researchers also encourage the development of emergency preparedness plan manuals for home nutrition patients that detail and provide patients with proper supplies to have on hand in the event of an emergency.

View an abstract of the study.


Written by Jason Oliva

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