Home Health Leaders Re-launch Initiative to Bring Voting to Homebound Patients

As home health care faces billions of dollars of reimbursement cuts in the next several years, industry leaders are looking to give homebound Medicare beneficiaries a voice by bringing the voting process to them. 

National home health leaders are reinvigorating the “Bring the Vote Home” initiative, a program that aims to engage the nation’s 3.5 million Medicare home health patients and their caregiving teams by assisting patients in the voter and absentee ballot registration process. 

Bring the Vote Home, coordinated by the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare and other home health community leaders, helps Medicare beneficiaries — and the 1.1 million medical professionals who provide home health services — to exercise their right to vote in national and state elections in November. 


“Home healthcare beneficiaries make up a rapidly growing portion of the population, but the homebound status of many of them makes it difficult for them to participate in the electoral process,” the program’s website states. “Bring the Vote Home is dedicated to helping all members of the home healthcare community participate fully in our nation’s democratic process.”

The program’s website offers state-specific information and instructions for voter and absentee ballot registration, including a how-to guide, registration application forms and absentee ballot application forms for the participant’s home state. These resources are provided directly to patients in their homes by their caregiving teams, which include home health aides, physicians and others. The program leaders also launched a new informational video

Written by Emily Study


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