U.S. News: Tips for Hiring In-Home Care

Hiring in-home care for a parent or loved one is not an easy process, and there are pitfalls to be avoided in the process, writes U.S. News and World report in an article this week. 

Outlining five ways to avoid these pitfalls, U.S. News provides advice to those searching for in-home caregivers from vetting home care agencies to prolonging the process by putting it off. 

Putting off the search is the No. 1 mistake people make, U.S. News finds, as a caregiver can improve the quality of life not only for the person seeking care, but for those around him or her who may have been fulfilling the caregiving duties in the meantime. 


The second mistake is not vetting the caregiver or agency, followed by direction focus on one aspect of the search and away from others. 

Not keeping everyone in the loop and not staying involved are additional pitfalls, U.S. News concludes. 

“It’s important to periodically ask your mom or dad how things are going with the caregiver in case needs aren’t being met,” the article states. “You’ll also want to strongly caution them not to leave valuables lying out within easy reach. And if your parents need help with their finances, by all means, help them. You may prevent a disaster.”


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Written by Elizabeth Ecker

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