First Amazon, Now Google Makes Play at Home Services Market

Being the most popular search engine on the Internet has made Google a household name. And now, the company wants to actually be in your household—sort of—through a new project it currently has in the works. 

The company plans to announce a new product aimed at connecting Google search users with various local home-service providers, according to a BuzzFeed report that cited sources close to the Silicon Valley tech giant. 

Resembling something like that of Angie’s List, Google’s newest endeavor would assist online searchers with finding local service providers, particularly in the field of home improvement. That means if someone is in the market for a plumber or an electrician to swing by their house, Google could help them find someone nearby.


The product will be integrated into Google’s core search offering, with the intent being to turn searches about home improvement tasks into engagement with service providers. 

While the scope of services included in the new product remains to be seen, BuzzFeed says Google plans to announce the new offering at an advertising conference later this spring.

“Google process billion of searches a day,” writes BuzzFeed. “If the company’s new local-services product has the power to harness even a small fraction of those searches and convert them into paying gigs for the many individuals who are trying to make money by doing other people’s chores, it has the potential to upend the balance of power in the sharing economy market.”


Google’s foray into the home services market arrives just one week after Amazon said it was launching its Home Services feature, a section on its site where customers can shop for professional help.

 Written by Jason Oliva

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