Hillary Clinton Tells Fight For 15: “We Need You”

As minimum-wage workers across the country continue their fight for higher wages, those in the home care industry were given a boost of support by Hillary Clinton, whose endorsement has put the Fight For 15 movement back into the mainstream media.

“Home care workers and adjunct professors, all of you should not have to march in the streets to get a living wage, but thank you for marching in the streets to get that living wage,” she said, speaking by phone to more than 1,200 workers and organizers gathered in Detroit on Sunday. “We need you out there.”

The Fight For 15 movement has gained steam among home care workers, whose campaigns have joined those of fast-food workers and other industry employees seeking $15 hourly wages and union rights.


President Barack Obama has also acknowledged the growing inequality in economic mobility, noting that it is the “defining challenge of our time,” in a previous speech. But Clinton’s recent endorsement has reignited organizers’ efforts.

“I want to be your champion,” Clinton said. “I want to fight with you every day. I’m well aware that the folks on top already have plenty of friends in Washington, but we together will change the direction of this great country.”

Clinton also voiced support for unions and collective bargaining while urging workers who built the Fight For 15 movement to keep up their “important” work, the Huffington Post reports.


“I hope that every one of you will continue to raise your voices until we get all working Americans a better deal,” she said.

Written by Emily Study