LA County Puts Home Care Workers on ‘Path to $15’

A week after gaining support from White House hopeful Hillary Clinton, home care workers boasted another win in their “Fight for $15” on Tuesday.

That day, Los Angeles County supervisors voted to raise the wage of about 140,000 home health care workers paid through a state program partially funded by the county, according to a report by the LA Times.

Over the next year and a half, their pay will go from $9.65 an hour to $11.18 — a bump in the right direction toward the $15 hourly wage home care workers nationwide have been fighting for

“The vote … could foreshadow the outcome of a pending proposal by Supervisor Sheila Kuehl to follow the city of Los Angeles’ lead and raise the minimum wage for county workers and those laboring in unincorporated areas from $9 to $15 by 2020,” the article states. 

However, Tuesday’s approved proposal by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Supervisor Hilda Solis will increase home care workers’ pay on a faster timeline than the proposed increases in the minimum wage. 

Ridley-Thomas and Solis said their intent was to put the home care workers on a “path to $15,” according to the LA Times. 

To read the full LA Times article, click here

Written by Emily Study

Emily Study



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