Seniors Requesting Help Seek Home-Based Services

Home-based services rank as one of the top needs of seniors reaching out for help, new data show.

In 2014, seniors nationwide made more than 271,200 requests for assistance from the Eldercare Locator, a referral service providing information about care resources available in communities around the country. 

The average caller is age 60 or older, is a first-time caller and— while the organization was originally conceived as a service for caregivers—over 70% of those contacting the center are reaching out on their own behalf, according to the 2014 Eldercare Locator Data Report: A Snapshot of Older Adult Issues & Needs in America.


“As people age, services that enable them to continue to live independently in their homes tend to be the first outside resources they seek out,” the report said. 

Of those who contacted the center in 2014, 18% were seeking information about home and community-based services, just below 19% of seniors seeking transportation assistance, data show.

Of those seeking home and community-based services, 38.6% expressed a need for help with chores; 35.4% expressed a need for help with personal care; 11.8% needed case management services; 11.6% needed home health care; and 2.6% needed financial assistance for services.


“Home-delivered meals, personal care, chore services and home maintenance are just a few of the services requested,” the report notes. “Unfortunately, inadequate funding for these programs means that too many older adults will struggle to access the services and supports they need.”

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Written by Cassandra Dowell

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