Former Univita Employees Sue Following Massive Florida Layoffs

Following a tumultuous week during which home health care and equipment provider Univita Health lost its HMO contracts in the state of Florida and subsequently laid off more than 1,000 employees, the company now faces a lawsuit alleging it did not give employees adequate notice of their termination.

Last week, Univita unexpectedly lost its HMO contracts in Florida, which had previously allowed the company to provide products to Medicaid patients.

As a result, the company, which also operates in Georgia, Tennessee and Minnesota, said it would lay off 1,002 employees, including many who worked in the company’s home care division.


Now, some of those employees are suing Univita under the claim they were not provided 60 days’ notice in advance of the layoffs.

A former senior business data analyst, Omar Olivier, has filed as the lead plaintiff in the case, which is seeking 60 days’ wages and benefits for the terminated employees, according to court documents filed against Univita of Florida in a Delaware U.S. district court.

Olivier’s employment was terminated as of July 28, after working for Univita’s Miramar, Florida operations.


Written by Elizabeth Ecker