Hillary Clinton Weighs in on ‘Shake Up’ for Home Health Care

There has been a lot of talk of late around how things need to change for home health care. And now Democratic Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is contributing to the conversation. 

Clinton has already been vocal about the need for higher minimum wages for home care workers and others, and in meeting with home care workers from across the country this week in Los Angeles, she again stressed the need for home health movement. 

“I just think that we need to shake up how we provide long term care and home health care,” Clinton said during a roundtable forum with both consumers and home care workers, during which she heard about day-to-day experiences of around home care. 


Clinton noted the role home health care providers play in the health care landscape—namely to take pressure from more institutional settings that can be costly both to government programs and individuals. 

“The work that you’re doing actually saves Medicaid,” Clinton said, according to a Daily News report. “Because if people don’t go into nursing homes or other kinds of long-term institutional settings, if they can stay in their home, you’re actually doing a service that should be both recognized and respected as well as provide the argument for greater financial benefits for the caregivers.”

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Written by Elizabeth Ecker