Top 10 Cities for Healthy, Affordable Retirement

Out-of-pocket home health care costs can make aging at home quite costly. If seniors move to one of the cities deemed best for a healthy and affordable retirement by a new Bankers Life’s report, however, a post-work lifestyle that supports healthy living could be within reach.

The report looks at 60 metropolitan areas across the country, scoring each on eight categories crucial to healthy living: health care, economy and affordability, social, wellness, activities, environment, transportation and crime. In determining how healthy a city is, researchers heavily emphasized factors that have a greater influence on overall health, such as health care, while placing less significance on categories like transportation and crime.

Leading the pack is Seattle, Washington, touted for its natural beauty, moderate climate and host of outdoor and cultural activities. Despite it being one of the more expensive cities in the report, research shows Seattle’s benefits for a healthy retirement outweigh its costliness.


10. Salt Lake City, Utah

9. Cleveland, Ohio

8. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


7. Baltimore, Maryland

6. Omaha, Nebraska

5. Hartford, Connecticut

4. Portland, Oregon

3. Denver, Colorado

2. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

1. Seattle, Washington

Written by Kourtney Liepelt

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