CEO Admits $1.9 Million Fraud for In-Home Treatments

The CEO of Chicago-based Mobile Doctors has pleaded guilty to bilking Medicare out of nearly $2 million for in-home treatments deemed lengthier than they actually were, Healthcare Finance News reported.

In his plea agreement, Dike Ajiri said he changed patient records to denote longer treatment times or more serious conditions. He also said he instructed his staff to do the same, and Mobile Doctors reportedly billed Medicare and the Railroad Retirement Board of Chicago approximately $1.9 million in fake claims as a result.

Mobile Doctors contracted with physicians to arrange in-home visits for customers in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and other states. Ajiri was arrested in September 2013, and the firm has since gone out of business.


A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for April. Ajiri faces up to 10 years in prison.

Also arrested during an investigation into the company was Banio Koromo, a physician who had worked for Mobile Doctors since 2007. He is charged with falsely claiming patients homebound and has a trial scheduled for December.

Written by Kourtney Liepelt


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