More Senior Living Companies Get on the Home Care Bandwagon

More of the nation’s largest nonprofit senior living providers are adding home and community-based services to their offerings, the 2015 LeadingAge Ziegler 150 reveals.

The report, now in its 12th edition, lists the largest not-for-profit systems offering aging services through senior living in the country, by order of their total owned market-rate units, as of Dec. 31, 2014. This year, the top three largest not-for-profit multi-site senior living organizations are National Senior Campuses, Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society and ACTS Retirement-Life Communities.

This year’s survey collected overall feedback on the percentage of providers offering home and community-based services, but specifically focused on the Medicare Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), continuing care at home (CCaH) and hospice services for people in the greater community.

In total, 56.6% of the LZ 150 organizations offer home and community-based services to non-residents, while 60% of the largest 10 not-for-profit systems offer home and community-based services to non-residents.

Hospice services are offered by 36.4% of the LZ 150, CCaH is offered by 12.5% and 10.1% currently have PACE program

This year’s numbers represent growth from last year’s survey findings.

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In last year’s LZ 150, 53% of the LZ 150 offered home and community-based services to non-residents. That same year, 12% of the LZ 150 offered CCaH, 10.4% offered PACE programs and 11.1% offered village/club membership programs.

New legislation that expands PACE to allow providers to develop pilot programs to serve more people who are at risk of needing a nursing home recently passed in Congress and has been sent to President Barack Obama’s desk. It is expected to be signed into law.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson