Agency Charged with Failure to Pay Dozens of Aides

The owner of a home health care agency in New York is facing charges that for two and a half years, he routinely failed to pay aides, created false tax documents, and broke other employment related laws. If convicted, Mical Home Health Care Inc. owner Arthur Anyah faces up to four years in prison.

There was a revolving door at the agency, with unpaid aides routinely quitting only to be replaced by workers who themselves would not be paid and then leave, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office.

Anyah would state or imply that aides employed by his agency in the town of Peekskill would be paid, but would not follow through, the AG’s office claims. Because of the wrongdoing that took place between December 2012 and June 2015, Anyah allegedly owes 52 workers more than $110,000 total.


The agency created and utilized false tax documents, including W-2 forms, to perpetrate the scheme, Schneiderman says.

In addition to the possible jail time for Anyah, the state is seeking a monetary seizure from Anyah or the agency to recoup the wages that are owed.

“Many people in our communities depend on home health aides, and these aides should be treated fairly,” Schneiderman stated in a press release. “My office will take aggressive action, including bringing felony charges, against any employer who breaks the law by failing to pay employees for their work.”


Written by Tim Mullaney

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