Joint Commission Launches Palliative Care Accreditation

More and more home care organizations are recognizing that there’s a true need for palliative care in the United States, and that adding those services can make their organization stand out from the competition.

Beginning this summer, home care organizations that already offer palliative care will have an opportunity to distinguish themselves even further.

The Joint Commission recently approved requirements for a new, optional certification product for accredited home care organizations that address palliative care needs at home. According to the requirements, the organizations must, among other things:


*Assess and reassess its patients.

*Provide the patient with access to care, treatment, or services during nonbusiness hours.

*Provide patient education and training based on each patient’s needs and abilities.


The new community-based palliative care (CBPC) certification is scheduled to become available on July 1. It will recognize hospice and home health organizations that develop and offer community-based, specialty-level palliative care to patients and families outside of the hospital setting.

Organizations interested in receiving the CBPC certification option must comply with both the existing Joint Commission home care requirements and the extra CBPC-specific requirements.

An evaluation of the CBPC-specific requirements will be integrated into either the home care on-site triennial accreditation survey or a special CBPC extension survey. The CBPC certification option covers a three-year period.

Read the Community-Based Palliative Care Certification Option for Home Care requirements here

Written by Mary Kate Nelson

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