Minnesota, Alaska Have Most Expensive Home Care in U.S.

When it comes to hiring a home health aide, where you live matters. That’s because the cost of hiring home health aides varies enormously by state, a new analysis from Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) reveals.

The most expensive states in which to hire a home health aide, as measured by their average fee per hour, are Minnesota and Alaska, with home health aides charging $29 per hour and $28 per hour, respectively. In North Dakota and Hawaii, home health aides charge an average of $27 per hour; in Iowa, they charge an average of $26 per hour.

The least expensive states in which to hire a home health aide, meanwhile, are Louisiana and Mississippi, where their fee averages $17 per hour. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and West Virginia, are tied for second place; in those states, home health aides’ fee averages $19 per hour.


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Nationally, the average fee for a home health aide in 2015 was $22 an hour, which amounts to a cost of $46,000 annually based on 40 hours of care per week, the analysis shows.

Additionally, home health care costs tend to increase if a home health aide is a nurse. The national average fee for a registered nurse is $83 per hour, while the national average fee for a licensed nurse is $66 per hour, Lincoln Financial Group says.


Lincoln Financial Group, the Radnor, Pennsylvania-based arm of Lincoln National Corporation, compiled this and other long-term care data on a new website, whatcarecosts.com. It is meant to serve as a searchable database of long-term-care cost information for states and metropolitan areas across the country. The data can be filtered by geography and type of care.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson

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