Households with Seniors Predicted to Increase 40%

The adult aging population, as well as the retirement-age population, is predicted to have a large impact on the housing market—and home health demand—in the coming years. The number of households with residents age 70 and older is predicted to increase by over 8 million, or 40%, according to The State of The Nation’s Housing report 2016, by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University.

“The increases will lift the share of older households from 16% in 2015 to about 21% in 2025,” the report said.

There are many ways the increase in older households will impact the housing demand, one being, a further decline in residential mobility and housing turnover because many older people now wish to age in place.


The demand for remodeling and other types of accessibility improvement projects will also increase as older Americans stay in their homes as they age. In addition, there is the prediction of an increase in older adults living alone in the years to come, which will increase the need for in-home health care and other supportive services.

Some other areas that will continue to drive growth in the housing market are high rental demands, housing sales and prices and the rise of new construction of single-family homes.

The State of The Nation’s Housing report took an in-depth look at performance and trends in the U.S. housing market. Even though things are looking up compared to the years immediately following the crash, there are still challenges in affordability among homeowners and renters.


“Tight mortgage credit, the decade-long falloff in incomes that is only now ending, and a limited supply of homes for sale area ll keeping households—especially first-time homebuyers—on the sidelines,” said Chris Herbert, managing director of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. “And even though a rebound in home prices has helped to reduce the number of underwater owners, the large backlog of foreclosures is still a serious drag on homeownership.”

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Written by Alana Stramowski

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