Webinar 1pm: Transforming Home Care Operations with Secure Messaging

Among the most mobile workers, home health care professionals need a way to quickly share information with others in the field and colleagues in the office.

When time is of the essence many professionals have looked to the quickest and most familiar forms of communication they have, texting and consumer messaging apps, to meet this need. Yet these apps are unsecure and open organizations up to significant HIPAA violations and fines.

Secure, HIPAA-compliant alternatives have emerged to fill this void. HIPAA-compliant messaging apps combine the familiar, easy experience of texting with the security, compliance and administration home health organizations demand.

Join Stacey Epstein, CEO of Zinc, and Michael Rocha, Assistant Administrator of Summit Home Health Care, for a discussion on how home care teams can transform business operations and care coordination with HIPAA-compliant messaging.

During this webinar, our speakers will cover:

  • The current landscape of mobile communication in home health care
  • Advantages and considerations of HIPAA-compliant messaging apps
  • How Summit Home Health Care improved operations, care coordination and security with HIPAA-compliant messaging

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Webinar: Transforming Home Care Operations with Secure Messaging

Date: Wednesday, August 24

Time: 1:00 PM CST

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