Editor’s Picks: Pre-Claim Bill, Staffing Secrets

This week, fall hit us big time here in Chicago. We pulled on our boots and brought our readers the latest updates in the home health and home care industry.

There was big news coming out of our nation’s capital that has the potential to make home health agencies very happy. Legislators introduced a bill in Congress that would put a one-year moratorium on the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration. We also took a stab at getting Illinois lawmakers to respond to the harsh criticism from home health companies in the state over the very same program.

Here in the newsroom, we took notice of several essays and articles geared toward the current labor movements around the country.


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Large Nonprofit Agency Accused of Massive Medicare Fraud—One of the largest nonprofit home health care agencies in the country, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY), is being sued by the former vice president of operations improvement and integration, Edward Lacy. Lacey is accusing the organization of systematically extracting hundreds of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid, The New York Times reported.

Six Numbers that Can Unlock Better Home Care Staffing—It’s no secret that staffing presents a huge challenge for home care providers, with agencies across the country routinely seeing sky-high turnover rates. Home care providers looking for a place to start to bring down turnover may want to consider these numbers to see if their workforce strategies are adding up to success.


Federal Lawmakers Seek Pre-Claim Data Before Speaking Up—In light of the decision by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to delay the implementation of the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts and Michigan, home health providers in Illinois say they are reeling as the program is still underway there. The desperation has left many wondering how lawmakers are responding to the situation.

New Legislation Would Delay Pre-Claim One Year—A bill introduced in Congress this week would put a pause on the Pre-Claim Review Demonstration from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with a one-year moratorium on the program. The legislation comes after the home health industry has pushed back hard again the program, citing numerous problems with its rollout in Illinois.

Around the Web

The Forgotten Providers—Home care workers are increasingly vital to the future of our health care system, but the problems they face are rooted in a racist and sexist history, writes The Atlantic.

Aging in Place—Choosing to age at home can be a strain for family members of elderly people, but forcing a parent to move out of their home isn’t an easy decision. The choice is wrenching for many, as explored in an in-depth look at the very common situation by Philly.com.

Maine Faces Dramatic Labor Shortage of Home Care Workers—With a rapidly aging population, the state of Maine is severely shorthanded when it comes to the numbers of home care workers, writes The Free Press.

Amy’s Adds

Labor is a Women’s Issue—I am a home care work. I am a mother. I am Black. I am a labor leader, writes Henrietta Ivy in motto. Ivy pens an essay on the labor movement and notes that women have become a leading voice in wage campaigns. The home care workforce is predominantly women, with its industry advocates becoming leaders among the greater labor movement.

Written by Amy Baxter

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