Editor’s Picks: Senior Helpers Sold for $125 Million

This week, we were over the moon that our beloved Cubbies made it to the World Series. Even with a team of Cubs superfans in our Chicago office, we were sure to bring our readers the latest home health and home care news.

Readers were interested in the announcement that one of the largest home care franchise companies was sold for $125 million. Fresh off the National Association for Homecare & Hospice (NAHC) conference in Orlando, we clued readers in on NAHC’s plan to file a lawsuit against the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to stop the pre-claim review demonstration.

Meanwhile, here in the office, we kept our eyes on Cubs player Kyle Schwarber’s epic return after a serious injury. Watch out Cleveland!


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Senior Helpers Sold to Private Equity Firm—Senior Helpers, one of the largest home care franchise companies in the nation, has been sold to New York-based private equity firm Altartis Capital. The purchase price was $125 million, a source with knowledge of the deal told Home Health Care News.

NAHC to File Lawsuit to Stop Pre-Claim—A national association is striking back against the “failed” Pre-Claim Review Demonstration (PCRD) with a plan to file a lawsuit against the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The board of directors of the National Association for Homecare & Hospice (NAHC) authorized a lawsuit against CMS, which the association says “is currently ravaging our Illinois members and threatening to do the same across the country.”


3 Obstacles to Creating theHome Health Agency of the Future—In-home care stands to become ever more central to the U.S. health care system in the years ahead, but for providers to reach their full potential, there still are important steps that need to be taken. Specifically, regulatory barriers need to come down, more flexibility needs to be baked into payment models and efforts to root out fraud need to be more targeted.

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How Your Doctor’s Politics Affects Your Health Care-And What You Can Do About It—Does your doctor’s politics affect his or her medical advice? A recent study by researches has shown that it does, writes Paul Hsieh for Forbes. Researchers found that for many issues, politics don’t affect medical treatment, but have a specific effect for three issues—abortion, marijuana and guns.

Op-Ed: How America’s Outdated Immigration Laws Hurt the Economy—Better immigration laws could enable a flood of immigrant home health care workers to hit the U.S. and fill the rising labor demands anticipated across the industry, Brian Schaitkin writes in an op-ed for Christian Science Monitor.

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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Tracks Down ‘Crying Cubs fan,’ Who Cries Again—After clinching the playoffs to make it to the World Series, a Cubs fan broke down in tears of joy. Jimmy Kimmel tracked own and gave the lucky guy tickets to a World Series game!

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