Editor’s Picks: Home Health Stocks See Boost Post Election

The excitement of the holiday season is upon us here in Chicago but we are still staying up to date on all of the latest industry happenings. This week, we informed our readers about a report that had some very good news about the future of the home health industry as well as the boost in home health stocks in the post-election climate.

In the newsroom, we connected to a story about former journalist who is helping caregivers get to know their patients with memory impairments by writing their stories.

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Harvard Report: Home Care to Surge as Population Ages—A recent report by Harvard University revealed that in the next two decades, older Americans will no longer be in the minority and even more, most of them wish to age in the community they know, which could be a great opportunity for the home health industry.

Senate Bill Would Extend Independence at Home Demonstration—If recently announced legislation passes, the pilot program that incentivizes home-based health care, Independence at Home (IAH), could be extended. The bill would not only extend the demonstration, but also raise the number of beneficiaries allowed to participate.

Home Health Index Rallies Around Trump Victory—After the election the home health industry started to think regulations would be pulled back under a Trump presidency, as he had mentioned in his campaign. Investors seemed to like the idea, and big players in the industry saw their stock prices increase in November.


Three Sentenced to Prison for $3 Million Medicaid Fraud—Another day, another home health fraud scheme busted. This time it involved three employees from an Ohio home health agency defrauding Medicaid out of $3 million.

Home Health Provider, Vonage Partner For ‘Connected Health’—A large nonprofit home health provider has partnered with Vonage to help its connected health initiatives and upgrade its technology. The company will even be moving onto Vonage’s campus and be tapping into those at the company for business insight.

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This Former Journalist Helps Caregivers Get to Know Who Their Patients Once Were Before Dementia Took Hold—A former reporter for Time magazine used her challenging experience of teaching memory care staff about her father who had Alzheimer’s Disease to help other family members inform caregivers about who the people behind the dementia really are, The Washington Post reports.

Caring For A Loved One At Home Can Have A Steep Learning Curve—For one women who, along with her other family members, has been caring for her mother with severe dementia for years has had to get over a steep learning curve. This is oftentimes the case for the majority of family caregivers because they are usually working full time and don’t have the necessary skills to care for a frail loved one, according to a report from NPR.

Women And Retirement: Saving Less, Worrying More—The most recent Transamerica Retirement Survey revealed that women are saving far less for retirement and are more worried about it, Forbes reports. Part of the gender disparity is the fact that women earn 79 cents for every dollar men make, on average, so even if women put the same percentage of their income into retirement savings, they would still not have as much as men, the report points out.

Written by Alana Stramowski

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