Monday Briefing: New Trump Order Takes Aim at Regulations Again

Happy Monday! To start your week off, we’ll catch you up on what you might have missed last week on Home Health Care News and around the web.

Late last week, President Trump signed another executive order targeting regulations. The order directs federal agencies to create task forces for regulatory reform to evaluate federal rules and recommend repealing, changing or keeping them.

The home health industry has been bullish that the regulation gut could positively impact providers that have been overburdened with new rules and requirements over the last few years.


What does the American working class actually do?

This is a question posed in The New York Time Magazine in a stunning portrait of the reality of the American working class. While the term “manufacturing” is often thrown around as being the hotbed of prosperity for the working class, the sector doesn’t compare to others that are growing at a fast pace.

“Workers continue to find work, but now the jobs are in service. Taking care of baby boomers, in particular, has become by far the largest driver of job growth in the American economy. Among the occupations the Bureau of Labor Statistic expects to grow most rapidly over the next decade: physical-therapy assistants, home health aides, occupational-therapy assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapist, occupational-therapy aides, physician assistants… You get the idea.”


The magazine featured Ofelia Bersabe, a 69-year-old home health aide from Sanata Barbara, California.

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Written by Amy Baxter

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