Former CareCentrix Employee Continues Fight in Data Breach

In an ongoing battle of a data beach of information on up to 2,000 employees at CareCentrix, one employee whose information was compromised has fought back against the company’s attempt to dismiss the case.

In March 2016, CareCentrix admitted to its current and former employees that 2015 IRS statements had been hacked by an unauthorized individual when someone impersonated a CareCentrix employee through email and obtained W-2 forms and other sensitive information.

The former employee, Sarah Hapka, filed a class action suit against CareCentrix, a home health coordination company that works with payors and providers to create managed care networks, in June 2016 following the data breach.


CareCentrix has attempted to have the case dismissed, arguing that its information was stolen.

Hapka said in her memorandum that CareCentrix cannot compared its negligence with the intentional conduct, or theft, of another, and asked the court to reject CareCentrix’s motion to dismiss.

“CareCentrix is barred from comparing its negligence in failing to protect its employees’ personal information with the acts of the data thief who intentionally exploited the company’s lax data security,” the argument reads.


Written by Amy Baxter

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