Monday Briefing: Google’s Secretive Anti-Aging Research

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To get you ready for the new week ahead, stay up to date on the latest home care and home health news with our Monday Briefing. Keep reading to catch up on health care news around the web in “Amy’s Adds,” including an article from Vox on Google’s odd behavior around its anti-aging research.

Last week, we covered some of the top changes in home health operations in the fourth biannual State of the Industry Report for Home Health and Hospice by Fazzi Associates. To no surprise, agencies are still having difficulty when it comes to hiring nurses.


We also highlighted how Trinity Health at Home was doing with its bundled payment programs and why the company dropped some bundles following losses in 2016.

Our continued coverage of the National Leadership Conference detailed how health care providers can practice patient-centered care, according to Marcus Osborne, vice president of health and wellness transformation at Walmart.

Amy’s Adds


Four years after the launch of Calico, a Google-run health venture focused on understanding aging with $1.5 billion to invest, its operations are still a mystery, Vox writer Julia Belluz reports.

“For now, I think it’s safe to say Google has not solved aging. Or if it did, they haven’t told anybody,” Belluz writes on the company’s elusive behavior.

Around the Web

“Demographically, the time to talk is now” about how to design communities for aging, an article in Curbed discusses. With a surge of aging Americans, a new type of architecture that includes services and supports without creating isolation is essential.

News Abroad

In the UK, older people are sometimes waiting up to nine months for home care visits, reported. Social care cuts by the government have seen at least 2,037 adults die waiting for care visits in their homes in the last three years.

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