Home Health Aide Tops List of 2017’s Most In-Demand Jobs

Home health providers may not find 2017’s most in-demand job surprising—but they may find it concerning.

“Home health aide” is the most in-demand job for 2017, according to a recent report from job search portal CareerCast. The job beat out other health care professions, like physical therapists and nurse practitioners, to claim the top spot.

Specifically, it’s expected that there will need to be 348,400 new home health aides by 2024, according to the report, which relied on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics metrics.


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The median salary for a home health aide is $22,600, the report noted.

The number of nurse practitioners, meanwhile, is expected to grow by 53,400 by 2024, and the number of physical therapists is expected to grow by 71,800.


The expected growth of the home health aide profession isn’t necessarily good news for home health providers, as the industry is already burdened by caregiver shortageswage pressures, and a climate of political uncertainty.

Written by Mary Kate Nelson

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