‘On a Roll,’ Senior Helpers Opens First Company-Owned Location

Home care franchise company Senior Helpers is opening its first corporate-owned location, with plans to possibly acquire more in-house operations in the future.

Senior Helpers, one of the nation’s largest home care franchises with 298 locations across the world, acquired a facility from an individual franchisee in Baltimore, near its Timonium, Maryland-based headquarters where it originally began its franchising efforts in early 2006. The facility will house a full-service home care operation and double as a training venue and resource center for franchisees.

At the new location, Senior Helpers staffers will demonstrate programs, processes and technology, and have a showroom to display to franchisees “how an office should be set up and operated and arranged,” Senior Helpers President Craig Leonard tells Home Health Care News.


“It allows us to use that as a training ground so that when we have franchisees come in, we’ll have space and the ability to train them better in those programs,” he says.

Senior Helpers could also bring more home health care operations under its corporate umbrella in the months ahead.

The provider has potential deals in the works in Chicago, Massachusetts, and the Northwest U.S., Leonard tells HHCN. Senior Helpers also announced it’s exploring new territories, including Phoenix, Arizona, Charleston, South Carolina, and New Orleans.


“We’re working on major deals right now,” Leonard says. “These are sizable deals, multimillion dollar acquisitions.”

Overall, the company is “bullish” on its opportunities this year, according to Co-Founder and CEO Peter Peter Ross.

Senior Helpers’ acquisition activity has been bolstered after private equity firm Altaris Capital Partners purchased the franchisor late last year.

“The brand is on a roll. We’re at a high point,” Leonard says. “This will be a major piece of our growth going forward.”

Written by Tim Regan

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