Home Health Aide is a Job that ‘Makes a Difference’

Home health aides are among emergency workers and educators as the professions that have the biggest positive influence on others, according to new report by job posting site CareerCast.com.

CareerCast.com singled out 12 professions that make positive contributions to society in its Job Where You Can Make a Difference report.

The position of home health aide ranked No. 8 on the list, primarily because of looming demand for caregivers.


“The growing demand for in-home service, particularly among the aging Baby Boom generation, means opportunity to have a widespread positive impact on older and disabled people, or terminally ill people in hospice care,” the report reads.

Other careers identified as making a difference included social workers, school teachers, police officers, environmental engineers and social workers. But the report didn’t look at all kinds of jobs. Certain careers, such as surgeons, occupational therapists and attorneys, were left out due to intensive educational requirements.

Overall, there will need to be 348,400—or 38% more—new home health aides by 2024, according to a previous CareerCast report, which relied on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.


The median salary for a home health aide as of May 2016, was $22,600.

Written by Tim Regan

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