Free Webinar: Boost Home Health Outcomes and Profits with Data Analytics

Date: Wednesday, July 12
Time: 1 PM CDT

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Are you drowning in data or suffering through a data drought? Either situation is troublesome for home health agencies. In today’s challenging times, it’s imperative that home health agencies have accessible, meaningful and actionable data that can help them navigate a successful path to a thriving business.


Industry veteran and home health expert Darcey Trescone will teach you how to make sense of your data and what to do with the information.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What data is important to track and what is not
  • How software can help you access the right data to run your agency
  • How to customize data to your specific agency’s needs
  • How to analyze and understand trends in your data
  • What actions can be taken to address issues uncovered



Darcey Trescone, RN, RSN – Vice President of Homecare Solutions at Optima Healthcare Solutions.

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