David Baiada Takes Over As Bayada CEO

In the midst of Bayada Home Health Care’s shift to a nonprofit structure, company founder Mark Baiada has transitioned to the role of chairman and his son, David Baiada, has been named CEO.

The leadership change was made official during a Facebook Live video on Thursday during Mark Baiada’s 70th birthday celebrations at the company headquarters in Moorestown, New Jersey. The video showed Bayada team members and the Baiada family, fondly sharing life lessons learned from Mark, who started the company in 1975 when he was 27 years old.

Mark will still play a significant role in the company as chairman, David Baiada told Home Health Care News.


“He likes to say he’s cutting back to full-time,” Baiada said of his father. “As the chairman, he’ll still be connected and engaged to the work that we’re doing. He has a couple of passions that are really long-term oriented, particularly around education and international growth, that he’ll continue to spend time on.”

Bayada currently operates in five countries: Ireland, India, South Korea, Germany and the United States. David Baiada mentioned further international growth plans in development, as well.

“We have one other country that’s on the horizon but not announced yet,” David Baiada said.


In the meantime, one of David’s initial priorities as CEO is to transition the company into a nonprofit structure over the next two years. This shift is about a transition of ownership, he said, and will affect Bayada’s governance structure, but will not change operations in any way.

The idea of becoming a nonprofit has been in the air at Bayada for around 10 years, he said, and was a result of trying to figure out how to make the organization last for multiple generations.

“It’s very uncommon to make this type of shift, but at the end of the day, we decided our mission, long-term sustainability and commitment to our communities and employees is more important than money,” he explained.

As CEO, David Baiada also plans to continue developing the company’s culture and building a strong team through education initiatives.

“Our primary opportunity is to continue to bring together people that want to be a part of a culture and organization that is working together to meet the needs of people who need health care at home,” he said. “For me as a leader, that means creating an environment that fosters and empowers those likeminded people to do a great job and meet the needs of clients and families.”

Written by Elizabeth Jakaitis

Image of David and Mark Baiada, courtesy of Bayada Home Health Care

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