How Much Home Health Care Employees Are Making

Salaries for home health care and hospice employees rose modestly from 2016 to 2017, according to the 2017-2018 Homecare Salary & Benefits report from Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS). HCS provides salary and benefits studies and custom marketplace studies for the health care industry.

From 2016 to 2017, all positions in home health care and hospice saw wage increase, with paid time off (PTO) benefits also increasing, with 95.5% of employees having some form of PTO, according to the report. However, wage increases were relatively muted amid a tumultuous time for the broad health care industry.

“There are not really any bold changes in this year’s numbers, and we think it’s because agencies and the world were waiting to see what changes health care reform would bring,” Rosanne Zabka, director of reports at HCS, told Home Health Care News.


From 2016 to 2017, the average salary for executive directors/CEOs rose 2.73%, reaching $198,450, according to the report. For licensed practical nurses (LPN), the average wage was $22.93 per hour in 2017, an increase of 2.36% from the year before. Registered nurses (RN) saw an increase of 1.46% from 2016, to $31.37 this year.

The report looked at statistics from 1,824 home care agencies that submitted data on more than 55,516 employees in the U.S., including summary job descriptions and fringe benefits. Participants in the study ranged from hospital-based to not-for-profit providers, but more than 90% of reporting agencies were for-profit entities.

The annual turnover rate for all employees was just over 19%, as submitted by survey participants. The highest turnover rate was among home care aides, which hit nearly 23% in the report—a figure well below other reports of turnover rates around 50% for the wider industry.


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Salaried Jobs

The report provided the average salaries for a variety of roles at visiting nurse association (VNA)/visiting nurse service (VNS), not-for-profit, for-profit and hospital-based facilities for 2017. Here are some of the average salaries from reporting agencies:

— Executive Director/CEO: $172,982

— Director of Hospice: $109,482

— COO/Program Director: $101,902

— Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services: $97,229

— Director of Clinical Services: $90,847

— Director of Reimbursement/Billing: $78,561

— Telehealth Nurse Coordinator: $73,328

— Clinical Supervisor: $70,958

— Supervisor of Home Care/Hospice Aides: $70,853

— Case Manager/Team Leader: $70,544

— Scheduler/Staffing Coordinator: $35,132

— Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Technician: $33,239

Hourly Jobs

Here are the average hourly rates for some home health care positions at VNA/VNS, not-for-profit, for-profit and hospital-based facilities from reporting agencies:

— Medical Director: $109.93/hour

— Nurse Practitioner: $50.57/hour

— Physical Therapist: $44.37/hour

— Occupational Therapist: $42.59/hour

— Speech/Language Pathologist: $41.81/hour

— Oasis Specialist: $35.26/hour

— Therapy Assistant: $31.77/hour

— Registered Nurse: $30.81/hour

— Medical Social Worker: $29.36/hour

— Discharge Planner: $28.39/hour

— Case Worker: $25.79/hour

— Coder: $24.30/hour

— Home Care Aide Coordinator: $22.53/hour

— LPN: $22.42/hour

— Home Care Aide (HCA) III/CNA: $13.82/hour

— HCA II: $13.74/hour

— HCA I: $12.70/hour

Written by Maggie Flynn

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