How to be Successful and Achieve Optimal Performance with Non-Medicare Payors – Free Webinar

Free Webinar
Tuesday, December 5
12 PM Central

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As the managed care payor market continues to grow, home health and hospice providers find it increasingly difficult to get timely and accurate reimbursement from non-Medicare providers. During this webinar, you will learn how to achieve optimal performance and collections results with techniques that streamline the revenue cycle process from time of referral, through patient visits, and ultimately billing and cash collections. Corridor will walk you through a comprehensive revenue cycle workflow, providing you best practices, techniques and a checklist so that you can implement these measures in your agency.


With 30 years of experience, Corridor will share best practices for all your end-to-end billing and collection with a special focus on Non-Medicare Payors so that you can spend less time tracking down payment and get more cash in the door to fund additional growth and improvement in patient care services.

  • By attending this webinar, you’ll walk away with knowledge in how to:
  • Coordinate workflow processes between clinical and financial teams
  • Effectively identify and correct process gaps in revenue cycle workflow
  • Identify best practices for each step of revenue cycle: Intake, verification, authorization, scheduling, billing, AR, management, cash collections

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  • Sue Payne – Vice president, Clinical Services & Innovation at Corridor
  • Robbin Boyatt – Vice president of Revenue Management Services at Corridor
  • Mary Morrisey Gabriel – VP of Marketing and Innovation at Corridor

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