Home Health Aide Among Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2018

In-home care is an industry with rapidly-growing demand. However, home health aides are among the most difficult jobs to fill, according to a recent ranking by CareerCast. Health care jobs were five of the top ten hardest jobs to fill in 2018, as the aging baby boomer generation is increasing demand for these jobs.

Home health aides were ranked as the fourth toughest position to fill, with the median salary hitting $22,600 annually. Personal care aides rang in at No. 8, with a median salary of $21,920.

Over the next eight years home health aides are forecasted to grow 47%, while personal care aides are anticipated to go 39% over the same time period. Overall, the demand for each position is almost half a million and three-quarter million in less than a decade, CareerCast said, based on data from trade and professional associations and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Here are all the top 10 toughest jobs to fill in 2018:

1. Application software developer

2. Construction laborer


3. Financial advisor

4. Home health aide

5. Information secutiry analyst

6. Medical services manager

7. Nurse practitioner

8. Personal care aide

9. Physical therapist

10. Truck driver

CareerCast based its ranking on not enough people with the skills to do the job, a lack of new graduates in the profession and industry growth.

In-home care has been facing a labor shortage of late, with the cost of care rising as a result.

Written by Amy Baxter

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