Last Chance: Beyond the QAPI Basics Webinar—Tips To Improve Your Hospice Care

Register now for a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, July 24th at 1 p.m. Central Time: “Beyond the QAPI Basics—Tips to Improve Your Hospice Care.”

Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement (QAPI) can be something that actually makes a difference in your agency and be more than a required compliance activity to get you through your survey. Hospice Quality Reporting through HIS and CAHPS is only one part of an agency’s Quality Assurance program. QAPI can become a key tool that helps every team member from the office to the field provide better patient care.

Using a simple computer dashboard and evaluating the agency’s key problem areas to focus on compliance concerns or areas that require improvement, a customized QAPI program can be built that is meaningful and useful.

With some simple steps, this presentation will show you how to manage the required elements of QAPI per the Medicare Conditions of Participation and agency-specified areas for improvement, while allowing the agency to focus on areas that will help you become the provider of choice within your service area.

Learn from Denise Harris of D.K. Harris Consulting Associates, LLC, who has managed hospices and worked with hundreds of hospices across the country to improve outcomes and quality by:

—Understanding the key elements of a Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI) plan

—Developing a Quality Assessment Performance Improvement plan that is simple, meaningful, achievable and measurable

—Determining what reports you should look for in an EMR to use in a QAPI program

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Denise K. Harris, MSW, LSW
D. K. Harris Consulting, LLC