Last Chance: Webinar on Using Benchmarks to Improve Home Care Delivery Efficiency

Webinar Date: August 8
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Central Time
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Managing a home health, hospice or personal care agency means managing unique and complex challenges: a decentralized workforce, severe caregiver talent shortages, and evolving compliance and documentation requirements from payers and government bodies.

Additionally, value-based care is driving consolidation and creating new market leaders and threats.

To survive and thrive in this environment, agencies need to focus on efficiency.

By understanding how you compare to others, you can determine whether your efficiency gains are making you more competitive.

Register for this webinar to get benchmarks—gleaned from 1.5 million visits.

These will help you determine how well you are doing with key labor costs and reimbursements, minimizing over- and under-serving, avoiding missed visits, and other factors in your operational costs.


Deb Mulholland
VP of Care Delivery Performance

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