New Episode of Disrupt Podcast: HomeWatch Caregivers CEO Julie Smith

The 11th episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available!

Since joining HomeWatch Caregivers in 2015, Julie Smith has led the company from being family-owned to being in private equity ownership, through transactions that set industry records for their multiples.

Today, HomeWatch Caregivers is leveraging the PE capital to expand its footprint, and it is also bolstering its technology platform to drive care coordination and other efforts — all of which are making the company into a true disruptor, Smith believes. She is bullish on Medicare Advantage, but also has concerns about how to better match up the franchise-based home care model with the needs of increasing care coordination with different types of payers and providers.

Listen to this episode of Disrupt featuring HomeWatch Caregivers CEO Julie Smith to learn:

  • Why home care is such an attractive opportunity for private equity and why the current market for home care is “irrational”
  • Details of HomeWatch Caregivers’ initiative to build a more robust technology platform, taking cures from startups that have entered the industry in the last several years
  • Lessons Smith learned from her time in different industries, including education, and how those translate into her role leading a large home care franchisor

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