Axxess Going After Partnerships with Post-Acute Data Providers; Excel Health Rebrands

Dallas-based Axxess, a home health technology company, has teamed up with two post-acute data providers in the past month and has its eyes set on more in the weeks to come. Client requests, as well as market and regulatory changes, are helping drive the trend.

The goal is to help Axxess clients grow and streamline their operations, founder and CEO John Olajide told Home Health Care News in an email.

“We understand the importance of data to health care at home for providers of all types and sizes,” Olajide said. “Our strategy is to seamlessly integrate our solutions with other data providers to help organizations maximize their use of technology in a collaborative fashion.”


Axxess’s new partners include Nashville-based PlayMaker Health and Atlanta-based Trella Health, formerly known as Excel Health.

“In terms of working together, our goal is to ensure we partner with best in class organizations across the home care continuum,” Olajide said. “[We] believe working with both Trella and PlayMaker gives our mutual clients the advantage of having data and their software solutions work in tandem to grow their business seamlessly.”

When Axxess announced its partnership with PlayMaker in August, the company said its 2,000-plus clients would be given access to PlayMaker’s data capabilities to help better inform their business decisions.


PlayMaker collects and analyzes Medicare claims and sales data, which includes Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial. 

The Trella partnership, which was announced Tuesday, takes things one step further, Olajide said.

It will give Axxess’s clients “even greater visibility into their daily operations and growth opportunities,” according to a press release announcing the news.

Similar to PlayMaker, Trella analyzes 1.2 billion claims per year for nearly 10,000 users, according to the press release. That includes 100% of Medicare Part A and Part B data. Trella’s solutions also automate sales and marketing processes.

Beyond PlayMaker and Trella, Axxess is also in “active conversations with several more organizations,” Olajide said.

“We listen to our clients and respond as both market and regulatory changes require — and based on emerging technology that makes both Axxess and our clients better,” he said. “We … look forward to announcing new partnerships that can seamlessly provide added resources for our clients. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks and months.”

Excel Health rebrands

Shortly before its partnership with Axxess was announced, the company formerly known as Excel Health rebranded as Trella Health.

The goal was to shed the connotations of spreadsheets and reporting that come with the name “Excel,” Trella CEO Ian Juliano said in a press release.

“While we do provide access to the industry’s most recent and complete set of Medicare claims data, our solutions go well beyond raw numbers,” Juliano said. “Our workflows and insights empower customers to transform their marketing and sales efforts, grow their care networks and serve more patients while optimizing costs.”

The new name, Trella, is more in line with those goals, Jessica Chew, the company’s vice president of marketing, said in the release.

“Our new logo represents this energy, expansion and connectivity,” Chew said. “The name Trella comes from the idea of a trellis: a strong, reliable support system that promotes growth.”

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