Disrupt Podcast #31: Brent Korte, Chief Home Care Officer at EvergreenHealth

EvergreenHealth Home Care has more experience dealing with the coronavirus than any other agency in the country. It’s been battling the COVID-19 virus since February, when the first positive case popped up in the Seattle area, where the home health provider is based.

In this episode of Disrupt, you’ll hear from Brent Korte, chief home care officer at EvergreenHealth. Korte shared his organization’s story, as well as lessons learned and advice for other home health agencies.

Listen to this episode of Disrupt to learn:
— How Evergreen is dealing with LUPAs, low therapy utilization and PDGM amid COVID-19
— Why the provider’s PPE and staffing protocols are constantly changing
— What Korte wishes he had done differently
— And much more

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