Disrupt Podcast #32: Joe McDonough, Founder and CEO of Nizhoni Health

The 32nd episode of our podcast, Disrupt, is now available!

While the coronavirus brings a number of direct challenges for home-based care operators, it presents several secondary hurdles as well. Among them: an exacerbation of mental illness and behavioral health conditions, especially for isolated older adults.

Nizhoni Health is a growing home health provider based in Massachusetts that specializes in caring for populations with acute mental illness. For this episode of Disrupt, HHCN caught up with Nizhoni’s founder and CEO, Joe McDonough, to discuss COVID-19’s impact, the heightened need for mental health services and more.

Listen to this episode of Disrupt to learn:

— What the coronavirus means for complex patient populations moving forward
— How Nizhoni Health CEO Joe McDonough built his company around acute mental illness
— Why Nizhoni remains bullish on its growth strategy despite industry headwinds
— And more!homehealthhomecarefounderceoseniorsseniorcare

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