HHCN Launches Virtual Demo Day to Connect Home-Based Care Providers to Tech Solutions

As home health and home care providers weather the coronavirus storm, many have turned to software and technology partners for support.

To help shine a light on those partners, Home Health Care News is hosting its first Demo Day on June 18. During the virtual event, nearly a dozen in-home care software and technology companies will showcase their latest solutions while recapping how they’ve had to evolve during the COVID-19 crisis.

For an inside look at the virtual Demo Day, HHCN recently caught up with Aging Media Network Executive Vice President George Yedinak. Highlights from that conversation are below, edited for length and clarity.

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HHCN: To start, why launch Demo Day?

Yedinak: HHCN is hosting our first Demo Day on June 18 for a variety of reasons. It’s coming up in a few weeks, but we already have nearly a dozen participants signed up to showcase their latest solutions and highlight how they can help home-based care providers now and in the future.

We put this project — virtual event — together to address some inefficiencies in the marketplace today. There is obviously a lack of in-person events. But there is certainly still interest in connecting with new partners and the technologies they offer to providers.

So, that’s really the genesis behind Demo Day: to create an opportunity for industry participants to connect and discover new products and new solutions that can help their providers in day-to-day operations.

You touched on this a little bit, but why launch this event now? Why is the time right?

The timing is incredibly important. People are confined to certain spaces. But they still need to figure out how to run their businesses better amid COVID, the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and other pressures in the marketplace.

Demo Day provides a brief, 20-minute window of opportunity for someone to come in, meet some potential partners in the software and technology realms, and learn how their solutions can apply to that individual’s business. And Demo Day is really more of an appetizer. What we’re offering to our partners and our audience is the ability to have an appetizer, look at something, digest it and decide if they want the full meal — and connect afterwards for a larger discussion or longer demonstration.

How many participants do you have on tap for Demo Day?

We currently have 10 partners — possibly more coming — providing a variety of solutions for home health and home care providers. Hospice providers will probably get value out of the event as well. We expect these 10 companies to provide a snapshot into their solutions and talk about some of the business challenges that they’re helping with.

Some participants are providing a high-level solutions overview. Others are demoing a particular new feature or functionality of an existing system many providers are familiar with. It’s a good opportunity for not only new, prospective customers, but existing customers of these companies to get a glimpse as to what they’re working on or what new features they might be releasing, especially in response to COVID.

What’s the range of the participants, so to speak?

We have a range of solutions that are out there — everything from full-service EHR platforms and CRM systems, to customer-connectivity software and patient-experience tools. There will be a variety of other functionalities that help support the marketplace today, too.

We’re pleased to see that we have a variety of partners showcasing different products and solutions.

If I’m a provider interested in tuning into Demo Day or learning more. What’s my next step?

The next step is to simply register via the Demo Day event page. Registration is free, and you can select the specific demos you want to participate in. All the demos will be done in one day. But in the event that you don’t have time on a given day or at a given time, you can log back into the virtual event system for 90 days and review all the important information.

Will there be another Demo Day later this year?

Given the response we’ve seen from our audience and the industry, I certainly believe that we could see other opportunities for Demo Days down the road. Stay tuned for details.

To register for Demo Day, click here or visit https://demoday.homehealthcarenews.com/

For more information on participating in a future Demo Day, please email Gordon Hunt at [email protected]

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