Senior Helpers, Reliant at Home, Others Crack 2020’s Best Workplaces in Aging Services List

On Thursday, Fortune unveiled its annual Best Workplaces in Aging Services list. The list features several home-based care providers that made a mark when it comes to company culture.

Last year, Senior Helpers and 24 Hour Home Care cracked the list’s top five. These companies make a return appearance on 2020’s top workplaces list, compiled by analytics firm Great Place to Work. Other companies that earned a spot on the list include Reliant at Home, Assistance Home Care and Constellation Health Services.

To compile this year’s list, Great Place to Work analyzed survey results from 189,159 employees working in the U.S. senior care and aging services sector. Those surveyed were asked about their experiences working at their current company.


The questions stem from the Great Place to Work’s Trust Index, which measures a number of factors, including respect of management, fairness, credibility, camaraderie amongst colleagues and pride in the work.

The companies that make up the list meet the Great Place to Work-Certified standard, Activated Insights CEO Jacquelyn Kung told Home Health Care News.

Oakland, California-based Activated Insights is a Great Place to Work subsidiary focused on senior care.


Companies that have earned a spot on the list have a competitive edge over other home care agencies when it comes to recruiting caregivers. Even companies that didn’t make the list, but are Great Place to Work-certified have found success when it comes to these efforts, according to Kung.

“In our research, we found that just getting certified, which is the baseline, increases the number of applicants to your organization by an average of 19.7%,” she said. “That’s huge for our industry, especially this year when turnover has gone up for a variety of reasons. Recruiting has always been important. There’s always been a talent shortage coming into the sector.”

One noteworthy takeaway Great Place to Work identified was that in-home care employee engagement is higher in comparison to providers on the congregate settings side.

The COVID-19 emergency had a significant impact on companies this year. The way companies responded to the public health emergency influenced their performance on the list. During this time, many providers embraced “servant leadership,” according to Kung.

“They, No. 1, put their employees and their safety first,” she said. “They did everything they could to make sure their employees were protected. This meant sending packs of PPE out to homes, making grocery deliveries to their employee’s homes, if a grocery delivery service wasn’t available. Executives would actually drive groceries around and drop them off with employees.”

Kung also noted that quick response from leadership teams and transparency were greatly valued by employees.

One company that made the list, Reliant at Home, partnered with the North Texas Food Bank and Shiftsmart as part of its COVID-19 response. The company also implemented health care screenings for workers.

“Local community and employee-centered benevolence is a culture priority for Reliant at Home,” Matt McMurphy, the company’s CEO, said in a statement. “We made hundreds of meal kits for our employees who are front-line health care workers and for patients [and] families that had trouble getting food on their table due to long days caring for others and mitigated access to groceries.

Allen, Texas-based Reliant at Home provides a number of services, including personal care, home health and hospice.

Another company on the list, Senior Helpers, leaned on training and education when it came to keeping workers safe.

“We continue to offer updated protocols in weekly communications to our system on COVID-19 so that all feel comfortable and prepared,” Peter Ross, CEO and co-founder of Senior Helpers, said in a statement. “Additionally, we offer extensive staff training with courses that include topics such as hand hygiene, infection control, influenza prevention and transmission-based precaution — all aimed so that our clients can age safely and gracefully in the comfort of their own home.”

Senior Helpers is an international home care franchise with more than 320 locations worldwide.

Overall, Care to Stay Home (No.1), Assistance Home Care (No. 2), Senior Helpers (No. 3), Sunland Home Care (No. 4), 24 Hour Home Care (No. 5), Constellation Health Services (No. 6), Compass Care (No. 7), Elite Home Health Care (No. 8), Sunshine Homecare (No. 9) and Reliant at Home (No. 10) rounded out the top 10 home-based care providers.

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