Seeking Home Health and Home Care Future Leaders

Home health and home care future leaders are helping organizations meet the increasing demand for in-home care delivery. They are tirelessly managing an industry-wide transformation, steering home health and home care businesses toward a new era in health care. As both in-home service providers and vendors, these individuals have embraced a new suite of technology, tools and training techniques to deliver top-level care for seniors in the comfort of their homes — this event is an opportunity to recognize their accomplishments in the past year.

“Innovative talent drives the home health and home care industries forward, forging a path to the future with limitless potential and transformative thinking,” says George Yedinak, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Aging Media Network. “This talent is not restricted to age or experience — only an organization’s ability to identify and develop it. The future leaders of home health and home care are already within each organization’s ranks, and the providers leading the way are the ones grooming and retaining them at all levels.”

A Future Leader is:

  • A high-performing employee, age 40 years or younger, shaping the next decade of care delivery
  • A passionate worker who knows how to put his or her vision into action for the good of seniors and aging industry professionals
  • An advocate for seniors and the committed professionals who ensure their well being

In the coming years, care providers will demand nothing short of profound strength and sound decision-making from every level of leadership. Bringing key individuals forward now is critical to building momentum on the heels of the pandemic and driving success in the long run.

Important Dates:

  • 3/01 – Nominations Open
  • 4/30 – Early Bird Entries Close
  • 6/30 – Nominations Close
  • 8/16 – Class of 2021 Announced

“Nominating a future leader is a chance to showcase your organization’s role in your industry,” says Yedinak. “Participants can use the entry to highlight individual performance and reward an employee’s efforts with industry-wide recognition. This is an amazing opportunity for home health and home care professionals to set the tone as their teams navigate the new challenges of a post-pandemic landscape.”


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