Signify Health Rolls Out Value-Based Solutions Partner Program

Signify Health Inc. (NYSE: SGFY) announced Monday that it has rolled out the “Signify Health Partner Program,” a system that connects value-based solutions focused on enhancing home-based care.

“We’ve got a bunch of data, a big technology platform and big client relationships,” Kyle Armbrester, CEO of Signify, told Home Health Care News. “I know from being an entrepreneur, in my past, how hard it is for companies to break into the health care space. We wanted to create an ecosystem with solutions that can connect care, drive more alignment with providers and ultimately deliver better outcomes.”

Dallas-based Signify is a tech-enabled value-based care platform. The company partners with both health plans and health systems to deliver various types of care to patients in their homes. Currently, Signify has partnerships with roughly 2,500 post-acute facilities.


As an organization, Signify has data from health plans, health systems, labs and pharmacy companies.

“We bring all of that together,” Armbrester said. “All of that data ties into our technology platform that helps us deploy our analytics or services, all the work that we do to help drive more outcomes inside value-based care.”

Signify is launching its program with seven inaugural partners, including Medalogix, Quartet Health and ReferWell. Signify’s goal is to help these companies scale, according to Armbrester.


“We have a team of account managers – a partnership team that helps support them and makes sure we’re doing everything in a really high-fidelity way,” Armbrester said. “We invested R&D dollars, operational dollars and partnership-management dollars to really make sure that we can build something robust, [something] that’s driving better outcomes for patients. We didn’t just want to do this off the side of our desks.”

In addition to the previously mentioned partners, the program includes HealthComp, Center Health, PatientBond and Population Health.

At the end of the day, the goal of the program is to drive innovative solutions and center home-based care. 

“Our clients are asking us to bring more innovative solutions to market as a part of all of the individual’s homes we’re in and as a part of all the risk that we manage through our episodes of care contracts,” Armbrester said. “We’re looking for things that can help activate the home as a key site for care and recovery. We’re looking to equip our providers with more tools to enable them to do diagnostic work, take on more risk and drive outcomes.”

With this program, Signify is also focused on centering a holistic approach to health.

“A big anchoring point of our partner program is social determinants of health and behavioral health,” Armbrester said. “These are areas that we think need to be taken into account. It’s not just a clinically oriented program.”

When it comes to health care, Armbrester believes that the home is the “final frontier.”

“It’s the hardest spot to bring health care, holistically speaking,” he said. “Last year, we were in just shy of 2 million homes, and we have 10,000 doctors and nurses that go into those homes. We’ve got the technology stack, data and the patient engagement. Now is the time to capitalize and do more.”

Medalogix CEO and President Elliott Wood said the company is “excited” to partner with Signify Health, especially given its success in bundled-payment programs and other value-based care initiatives.

“Medalogix’ collaboration with Signify provides an expanded opportunity for our customers to support organizations in value-based contracting,” he told HHCN in an email. “Home health and hospice agencies play a vital role in the continuum, providing care in the most efficient and desired location, the home. We believe partnering with Signify Health, whose mission is ‘more healthy, happy days at home’ is aligned with our own mission, to transform health care by empowering individualized patient care with innovative, data science and machine learning solutions.”

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