The SCAN Group Expands In Southwest, Open To Expanding Further Across Country

The SCAN Group is furthering its reach in the American Southwest, with plans of expanding into Texas and Nevada.

The Long Beach, California-based SCAN Health Plan – a part of the overarching SCAN Group and a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan – will start offering services in Texas starting in 2023.

SCAN also plans to expand further into Nevada, broadening the company’s reach to nearly seven million potential customers across 20 markets in five states.


The SCAN Group is a nonprofit organization focused on helping senior citizens stay healthy and independent. The SCAN Health Plan is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit MA plans, serving more than 270,000 members.

If approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), SCAN will expand into Harris County and Bexar County in Texas — and Houston and San Antonio, subsequently — as well as Nye County in Nevada.

This year we spread our wings to Arizona and Nevada, and going to Texas was a natural extension of our Southwest expansion,” Sherry Stanislaw, SCAN’s general manager, told Home Health Care News. “Our mission is to keep members healthy and independent, and I think the best way to spread our mission is to actually offer it to more people.”


There are about 600,000 eligible Medicare recipients in Houston and another 300,000 in San Antonio. Stanislaw said this was a natural expansion area for SCAN based on the number of seniors eligible to join SCAN’s plan.

The number of Medicare eligibles is usually the first thing SCAN looks at when considering expansion. The second is geography.

“We like to think about expanding contiguously, so we’ve really been focusing on the Southwest, and Texas just was a great fit for us,” Stanislaw said. “The other thing that determines expansion is our medical group partners. It’s really important to us that we identify really strong medical groups and hospital partners.”

Beginning in 2023, SCAN will offer its Medicare Advantage plans to eligible seniors in these areas. SCAN plans on focusing solely on those services to introduce itself to the communities of Houston and San Antonio before offering services through its other partnerships, such as the at-home care coordinator MedArrive.

Although she couldn’t specify which states, Stanislaw said SCAN has plans to expand into new states in the coming years.

“I do believe that SCAN will continue to expand our footprint,” Stanislaw said. “We’re open to going wherever seniors are and where we can expand our mission. We will continue to be focused on the Southwest, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not looking at the Northwest and other parts of the country.”

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