Two Recent Acquisitions Beef Up Home Care Pulse Data Business

Home Care Pulse — one of the home care industry’s top research and education firms — has purchased Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight, in two separate acquisitions. Financial terms were undisclosed.

Activated Insights is an analytics platform designed to help senior care providers to collect data from both employees and the individuals receiving that care.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle Quality Insight’s surveys and software is designed to help senior care providers with employee retention and customer satisfaction.


“Both organizations have deep roots in post-acute care with specialization in a handful of different areas,” Todd Austin, president of Home Care Pulse, told Home Health Care News. “Similar to Home Care Pulse, they’re very mission driven organizations with a core focus around enabling employees, patients or residents to thrive in whatever environment they consider home. That’s what really brought us to these organizations.”

Founded in 2008, Home Care Pulse reports on workforce developments, marketing strategies and financial trends. The acquisition of Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight will also bolster the company’s technology platform.

Additionally, Chris Magleby, CEO of Pinnacle Quality Insight will join Home Care Pulse as its chief strategy officer.


“Aligning with [Home Care Pulse] and Activated Insights creates a unique and compelling suite of applications for our customers,” Magleby said in a statement. “The Pinnacle Quality Insight team is excited to partner with these innovative companies and bring a best-in-class offering far beyond anything available in the market today.”

For Home Care Pulse, the impetus behind these acquisitions is to gain the tools needed to understand employment experiences across all of the post-acute care continuum.

“Getting to partner with these two organizations really allows us to have a better broader picture around how we can solve some of the workforce challenges,” Austin said. “Having co-missions around delivering insights, training and tools to improve care experiences, starting from the employee and moving to the patient, the resident or client is really what drew us to both companies.”

As an organization, Home Care Pulse has always been driven by data. Austin noted that having Pinnacle Quality Insight under the company’s belt will further beef up its data capabilities, especially when it comes to employee retention.

“Pinnacle Quality Insight allows us to bring together a larger data set around reoccurring satisfaction,” Austin said. “More importantly, as we’ve looked at data in the industry, there’s a real problem around retention of employees in the first 100 days. Pinnacle has a great product called retain, that helps eliminate a lot of that. When we think about solving some of the workforce problems within industry, that’s some of the core.”

On its end, Austin said he believes that Activated Insights has excelled at bringing recognition to the continuum.

“What we want to do is continually lean into that, so that we’re highlighting ‘great places to work,’” he said. “That doesn’t just have to be Fortune 500 or 100 companies, that can also be all organizations in the continuum.”

Ultimately, Home Care Pulse has a number of goals and objectives, and Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight are another step towards reaching them.

“It’s not a single focus,” Austin said. “We’re really thinking about how to elevate the experiences in the continuum for patients, residents and clients along with shedding light and becoming employer choice and the recognition that employees need in those same settings.”

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