‘All Options Are On The Table’: NAHC, NHPCO Form Joint Exploratory Committee

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) announced Wednesday that the two organizations have formed a joint exploratory committee.

The aim of the committee is to determine how best to collaborate on some of the overlapping issues that are the focus of both organizations.

“The Boards of Directors of both NAHC and NHPCO believe the time is right to explore how a stronger, unified, and more intentional approach to collaboration could accelerate the impact of work around our respective missions and on behalf of our members,” the two organizations wrote in a joint press statement.


In the past, NAHC and NHPCO have often teamed up for projects and initiatives that fall under the common purview of both organizations, in an effort to raise greater awareness and leverage their combined firepower.

“These discussions follow naturally from our history of collaboration and are rooted in our shared belief that the more united our voices and actions are, the more we will serve and benefit our respective members and the patients and families they serve,” NAHC and NHPCO wrote.

Though both organizations have shied away from offering up more concrete details about what the committee may lead to in the end, a NAHC spokesperson relayed, in an email, that “all options are on the table.”


For now, NAHC and NHPCO have agreed to pause their executive recruitment and succession planning during the course of these discussions.

Plus, the organizations are working with the consulting firm McKinley Advisors for additional support. The firm will aid in providing an objective analysis of potential opportunities for NAHC and NHPCO.

“As part of this evaluation, McKinley will be conducting in-depth interviews with industry stakeholders over the next several weeks and will report findings and recommendations to the Boards of both organizations,” NAHC and NHPCO wrote. “The exploratory committee expects to issue additional communications about these findings and our collective next steps regarding the collaboration opportunities in May.”

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