Resilient Healthcare Partners With Community Hospital Corporation To Scale Hospital At Home Nationwide

Resilient Healthcare has teamed up with Community Hospital Consulting – a Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) organization – on a joint venture partnership.

The JV, which will be dubbed Resilient Community LLC — would expand CHC’s health-at-home program across more than 40 states.

CHC owns and manages hospitals in the community health space. The organization has been looking to provide an innovative hospital-at-home community care model for their hospitals.


With this in mind, CHC and Resilient came together to begin strategizing, according to Resilient CEO Jackleen Samuel.

“We provide the software integration, implementation, onboarding and the know-how regarding starting a hospital-at-home program,” she said. “Then we manage and we operate those programs. CHC is really good at managing the cost of care for patients and cost of care for hospitals.”

The Plano, Texas-based Resilient is a high-acuity care enabler, high-acuity care provider and home health provider.


Just a few months ago, the company bought out its former investor Mezas Capital Group and raised $10 million in funding. Resilient raised that money through angel investors, which included veterans, technology executives, health care leaders and even members of its own clinical team.

Now, it has struck its largest deal to date.

Resilient worked with CHC to help create transitional care programs and outpatient services at home, such as physical therapy at home, remote patient monitoring and virtual care.

“It’s fairly tailored for each hospital, especially in the rural health community, because each hospital has different needs,” Samuel said. “For example, if a hospital doesn’t have a cardiologist for four days out of the week, and their patient needs an EKG, we can do a reading in the home. Then we can have it virtually read by a cardiologist that has been credentialed by the hospital on our platform. It improves access to care for patients in those communities.”

One key area of focus for Resilient Community LLC will be rural communities.

“[Rural communities] are always overlooked,” Samuel said. “They don’t have a huge bed count. The bigger companies typically don’t target them. When we started the company, we wanted to bridge care gaps.”

Jim Kendrick, president and CEO of CHC, believes that Resilient’s care delivery model represents a step towards the future.

“What Resilient is doing with its Care Anywhere concept represents where health care is going, especially from a patient-focused perspective,” he said in a press statement. “This partnership showcases the merging of vision and purpose to revolutionize healthcare delivery nationwide.”

On its end, Resilient saw CHC as an attractive partner because of the organization’s vast experience.

“They’ve been around 27 years,” Samuel said. “They have a very large reach.”

Ultimately, Samuel believes that the JV aligns with the broader evolution of the company.

“Initially, we were a provider only, whereas now we’re tech enablers,” she said. “We contract with the hospitals, the health systems, and we enable them with technology to provide this kind of care. Then we empower home health agency staff to be able to service these contracts. That is the exact model that we have with [CHC].”

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