At-Home Care Provider Accompany Health Raises $56M

Accompany Health — a new in-home primary, behavioral health and social care provider — has secured $56 million in Series A funding.

The Maryland-based company is now serving over 8,000 low-income patients in the Detroit area and aims to address the complex needs of those who often face significant barriers to accessing quality care.

“Most innovation in primary care in the U.S. has not addressed the needs of the most medically underserved patients and lower income Americans,” Dr. Rahul Rajkumar, CEO and founder of Accompany Health, told Home Health Care News. “We know that they have very unique challenges in their health care and it takes a very high and intense amount of effort to provide that care. It also takes an excellent team to provide that care. And that’s what we do.”


Accompany Health offers at-home virtual care and 24/7 support to its patients. It can act as a patient’s primary care provider, or can collaborate with existing ones.

The company deploys a team of health care professionals – from at-home clinicians and community health workers, to social workers and physicians – and offers that care to people who may otherwise not receive care.

The funding, Rajkumar said, will allow Accompany to hire, train and grow its staff of providers and team members. It will also help build technology to help bring a larger team onboard as the company focuses on the Detroit area.


“Our technology is built to serve an underserved population,” Rajkumar said. “We’ve spent a lot of resources in health information exchange so that our providers know our patients and are armed with information when they go and see them in the home.”

Rajkumar likes to think of Accompany Health as a “third generation primary care company.” Several of its leaders come from legacy companies in the health care and insurance world and are bringing that expertise along.

“Our team comes from these places and we’ve learned from the companies and providers that have come before us,” Rajkumar said. “We’ve learned about the care model, how to staff, how to train and also how to build the technology side the right way. That’s what we’re focused on doing right now: learning from all of the companies that have come before us and building a third generation version of this exceptional primary care model for an underserved population.”

For instance, Rajkumar himself was previously the COO of Optum Care Solutions, from 2020 to 2022. Board members Vivian Riefberg and Stephanie Lovell previously worked with Signify Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, respectively.

The funding round was led by a group of investors including Venrock, ARCH Venture Partners, IVP, Granite Capital Management and Evidenced.

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