Cypress HomeCare Lands Over $400,000 In Grant To Innovate Within Medicaid

Cypress HomeCare Solutions has received the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) American Rescue Plan (ARP) program award.

The company received the award as part of partnership with Nevvon and PocketRN. Together, the companies were awarded $419,210.06. The funding will help these companies drive value-based care among the Medicaid population.

“This is a demonstration grant,” Bob Roth, co-founder and managing partner of Cypress, told Home Health Care News. “They want to instill innovation into the Medicaid sector. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that in order to create innovation, you have to have collaboration. I knew I couldn’t do this alone, and I knew that I would need partners to be able to bring this about.”


Founded in 1994, Cypress is a home-based care company that offers personal care, dementia programs and more.

New York City-based Nevvon is a home care training and certification technology platform.

Meanwhile, PocketRN is a California-based digital health startup that enables patients, families and caregivers to video chat with nurses from their homes.


Roth noted that a key goal for Cypress, PocketRN and Nevvon is keeping seniors in the home setting and curbing costs.

In terms of the partnership, Nevvon worked to tailor its training content to meet the needs of the Medicaid population.

“Our commitment is to elevate the standard of care through enhanced caregiver training, which is the cornerstone of effective and compassionate care delivery,” James Cohen, CEO of Nevvon, said in a press statement. “Our focus is not only on delivering better training but also on ensuring these efforts translate into better care for members. The impact of this collaboration will be measured by our collective ability to improve health care outcomes and cost efficiencies, demonstrating the tangible benefits of our combined expertise in value-based care.”

PocketRN will bring clinical contributions to the partnership.

“We are non-medical,” Roth said. “We really can’t get medical information, so we have obviously partnered with PocketRN.”

PocketRN CEO Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines believes that this collaboration will allow the company to increase access to care.

“This collaboration empowers us to expand our innovative in-home care model, bringing compassionate and personalized healthcare to even more individuals,” she said in the press release. “Together, we’re not just transforming health care; we’re enhancing lives and building a healthier future for our communities.”

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